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Full Version: Mixcloud plugin
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The local resolver is fixed!
I followed the approach used in the script posted by @understatement , but better adapted to mixcloud. It runs a lot faster and it will stay 100% independent from other scripts or plugins.

The plugin will be updated from Kodi repo in the coming days...
Thanks @jackyNIX! Glad to have helped. Working well on my end.
Is anyone able to port this great addon over to kodi nexus?
I believe it does not run because the xbmc.translatePath variable was removed.
Just replacing all instances with xbmcvfs.translatePath in the addon code does not get it to work.
Sadly i'm not skilled enough to understand how to get it running again. 😢

Thx for any help. 😃

This version runs fine on nexus now.
Thanks @peat 

It's been a while since my last update of this plugin. I didn't even know about Nexus Laugh . About time I'll look into that one.
The first nexus release is probably not anytime soon. Has only alpha status yet. So you don't have to hurry. 😀
Hi can How Do I Get Around The Autherizin When I've Originally Signed Up To MixCloud Via Facebook. I've Already Tryed Unlinking Facebook From MixCloud And Reseting Password All Unsuccessfully.
Am Using Kodi 19.4 On Smart TV. Using Android Smartphone To Login Via The Link Provided.
Should I Be Doing All This Thru A Laptop? Any Help Appreciated.
Realy Dont Want To Be Creating A New MixCloud Account Tho. Thanks
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