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Full Version: Mixcloud plugin
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This still hasn't been updated to the repository. Is there another way to get this done?
(2014-05-07, 17:52)judgement1 Wrote: [ -> ]This still hasn't been updated to the repository. Is there another way to get this done?

I already committed 2 pull requests, but it still isn't in the repo. Don't know why they are Sleepy. All the requests before only took 1 or 2 days.
Downloading from github is the only way for now, it's only 1 zip file to unpack and overwrite the existing folder.

Download here
My pull requests ended up in their spam box. The repo should be updated by now.
On Raspbian, local resolver returns m4a links that are valid (play when opened in Chrome for example) but XBMC refuses to play them:

23:18:32 T:2709513280  NOTICE: MIXCLOUD locally resolving cloudcast stream for http://www.mixcloud.com/SimonPatterson/simon-patterson-open-up-066/
23:18:33 T:2709513280  NOTICE: MIXCLOUD get cloudcast http://api.mixcloud.com/SimonPatterson/simon-patterson-open-up-066/
23:18:34 T:2709513280   ERROR: NEWADDON Unknown Music Info Key "thumbnail"
23:18:34 T:2709513280   ERROR: Previous line repeats 1 times.
23:18:34 T:2709513280  NOTICE: MIXCLOUD playing http://stream17.mixcloud.com/c/m4a/64/8/a/a/6/29ec-7f21-4b33-9ee8-ff9efd01837f.m4a
23:18:34 T:2709513280  NOTICE: Thread FileCache start, auto delete: false
23:18:39 T:3036910368  NOTICE: Previous line repeats 1 times.
[B]23:18:39 T:3036910368   ERROR: CAudioDecoder: Error while decoding 1[/B]
23:18:41 T:3036910368   ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 1, path [plugin://plugin.audio.mixcloud/?mode=40&key=%2FSimonPatterson%2Fsimon-patterson-open-up-066%2F]

Offliberty returns mp3 links that play fine. So on RPI, use offliberty resolver. I assume this is something to be fixed on XBMC end?
It appears these links are not playable on XBMC gotham on other platforms as well. I have tried on arch linux and my friend on Windows. Offliberty linkx are playing fine but it takes a little while to resolve them.
OK, Mixcloud isn't working again. Is there a fix for this? I use it a lot with Raspberry Pi, so is there anything that I can do to help here? I have no clue what I am doing but I know just a little bit to be dangerous. I just want my music .
Also not working for me the last few days.
Gotham.1 release seems to have fixed problem with playing mp4 files. But Mixcloud changed their webpage so local resolver needs to be updated. New version soon I hope.

For those brave enough to edit plugin default.py:
- search for "x_cloudcast_page" and replace it with "cloudcast_page" (without quotes of course).
Can you please place the new version in the XBMC Repository?
(2014-07-10, 18:20)c4310045 Wrote: [ -> ]For those brave enough to edit plugin default.py:
- search for "x_cloudcast_page" and replace it with "cloudcast_page" (without quotes of course).

This seems to work with 1.1.3 on Raspbmc/Raspberry Pi.

Here's possibly how to fix it:

ssh pi@<IP/hostname>
sudo -s
cd /home/pi/.xbmc/addons/plugin.audio.mixcloud
cp default.py default.py_
vi default.py
#Then replace "x_cloudcast_page" with "cloudcast_page" as suggested by the original post.
A new version of the Mixcloud plugin is coming soon, possibly next week.

- Offliberty resolver works (just checked, but slow)
- Local resolver is broken (even with the "cloudcast_page" bugfix).
Meanwhile I fixed the local resolver too.

New version (1.1.5) available from github and the official xbmc repository.
New version (v2.0.0) expected soon now.

What's new?
Integration of your Mixcloud profile! So you can follow artists, favorite cloudcasts, ... Cool

Everything is up and running. Just need to handle the case where access token is revoked and some other shit.
Version v2.0.0 is out in the wild!
Get it from github or just wait for the repository to update.

Biggest change is the Mixloud profile.
This is still beta, so please make sure to report any problems.

HOWTO Getting an authentication code:

1: Login with your mixcloud account using following link, the access code is in the landing page URL
2.0.0: Login with your mixcloud account
2.0.1: Login with your mixcloud account

2: You will return on the landing page (for 2.0.1 this thread). The access code is in the URL right next to code=, like this for 2.0.1: forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=116386&code=your_access_code

3: Enter this code in the mixcloud plugin settings window.

4: After entering the authentication code, the access token is fetched automatically in the background.
- Added user authentication
- Added followings
- Added followers
- Added favorites
- Added listens
- Added (un)favoriting cloucasts
- Added (un)following users
- Added thumbnails to main menu
- Fixed Unknown Music Info Key "thumbnail"
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