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Full Version: container.content(plugins)
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when does this check get 'TRUE' value?
When it's a plugin in the Music or Video library I think.
never, it's an old leftover.

it used to be set in the plugin*S* listings. where we today set 'addons' as content.
Hmm... too bad. Maybe it could, somewhere in the future, return true when you are in plugin content dir - i.e. when you have browsed your way down to, say, video clips and where you can expect it would be useful to show media metadata like plot.
it's up to the add-on to set the content, depending on what it's showing.. it should be movies, episodes etc if that's what is shown.
If you take a look at youtube, it has content with descriptions, but the content is not movies. Episodes are close enough, but skin may be using content episodes check to show TVShows or episodes related info.

Maybe container.content(clips) or something like that could prove useful for such situations.