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Full Version: XBMC screen size issue
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This is weird and I'm not quite sure if it can be resolved.

I have an HTPC setup at home. My HTPC is hooked up to the receiver ( Sony STR-DN1000 ) which then pipes out the image to my TV. It seems that depending on which order I turn my TV and receiver off it screws up my XBMC app. I noticed that if I leave XMBC running and I turn the TV off first then the receiver after a power on my XBMC does not retain a full window mode. After that I have to close it and reopen it.

Anybody have an idea on how to fix that ?

My TV model is KDL-32L4000
This sort of problem has been mentioned before. As I recall it's because your video drivers detect there's no device connected. I think it was fixed by using some form of HDMI hub in between the PC and the receiver, though presumably changing the video drivers might also help.

I think I figured it out. At least for now. I have disabled "Use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen" and it seems to retain the fullscreen mode now.

Thanks for the advice.