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Full Version: afterwards adding trailer ?
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Hi all,

i have a library with many movies. Now i have the idee to put a trailer to every movie. I download these trailer and put them to the movie named:


Now i saw the trailer if i press the button i and then there will be a trailer button.

But i want to have the button in breadcrumbs at the top. But these button is only there when the trailer is present by first scrapping of the movie. If i delete a movie with trailer in the database and scan new then there is the trailer button in breadcrumb.

Is there any tool or something to make a scan of the database without lost all my watched labels ? Sure i could delete the whole database and make a new scan but that is many work with watched label.

The addon export watched label dont work at me

I´m running xbmc 10.1. Have anyone a hint ?

Recent nightlies will add the local trailer to the db once found.

thx for the hint. Then i must wait for the final xbmc 11 Smile

vdrfan Wrote:Recent nightlies will add the local trailer to the db once found.

Also after the movie was already scraped to the library?
So if i understand correctly when doing a library update it will detect the trailer and and it to the database?
Nope, not during the library update. The local trailer path (when found) is stored in library when bringing up the video info dialog.

Unfortunately this seems to be broken, but will be fixed later today Wink
vdrfan Wrote:FYI, fixed in https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/commit/ac3a...1dc56ea6ad.

Just saw it passing by Smile
Never noticed it until now that is wasn't working
It was setting the trailer path to "" Wink

Using refresh in Dharma will add local trailers to your db or there is a work around in Dharma if you have a lot to update, when you have added all your trailers export your library to a single file NOT separate then just import it back in and all your trailers will get added to the db

Doing that allows you to keep watch status etc but its a good idea to back up your Database and Thumbnail folders first in case something goes wrong

thx for the hint, i will gibe it a try.