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Full Version: centralized Database and Images Running on Mac os x Lion - Fanart not working
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I have a bit of a problem. I was able to get the centralized database working on my imac that my apple tv shares out. Now the problem I am having is that on both the Apple TV and the iMac Fanart is not working. Here is a sample of the error message I get when it tries to show the file:

12:41:40 T:3012640768 DEBUG: CFileAFP::Open - opened Thumbnails/Video/7/79469b26.tbn, fd=0
12:41:40 T:3024355328 DEBUG: CFileAFP::Close closing fd 0
12:41:40 T:3024355328 WARNING: JpegIO: Error 55: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x%02x 0x%02x

I am using the latest build of mysql for mac os x, I am using the nightly build of XMBC(xbmc-20111129-b67a2a4-master-i386) mac and (xbmc-20111129-b67a2a4-master-atv2) for ATV2. Has anyone come across this type of error? Everything else with the centralized database is working. I can play movies and ect. Both the mac and the atv2 are able to download the fanart and store it centrally. I wonder if mysql is causing the problem?
OK, did some testing and ftp, afp and sftp doesn't work either. Only SMB works. So I created a small XP machine in VMware fusion that all it will do is hold the fanart until this is fixed for Mac os X 10.7 (Lion).
That's not right... (bug). Can you provide us with a full debug log (via pastebin)?
Here is my log file when I try and use AFP to load Cover Art or Fan Art. The system is able to write the files OK to my system but can't load them back to view.

Log file -> pastebin