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Full Version: Way to use Remote while Fullscreen Video Info is showing
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i'm using my ATV2 to watch TV with TVHeadEnd. Since the PVR-Client implementation isn't stable, i use the htsp streaming protocol to watch live tv via streaming.

My favourite skin is reFocus.

I configured my remote so, that i am able to switch between items in the playlist via up/down. Now i want to see what i'm watching. However while i'm in the fullscreen video info osd i can't use the up/down buttons to switch to the next item in the playlist.

You may ask why i want this?

I got a playlist with all my tv-channels (via htsp). I switch between these channels (playlist items) via up/down with my remote. After switching the channel (playlist item) i don't now whats playing on the channel. So i would love to change the channel via up/down while i am able to see the fullscreen video info osd.

I hope you understand my problem, i'm not a native speaker.

I don't want you to add this to refocus i just need a hint how to mod refocus to enable this mod to my skin. i already tried some thing in different xml files, but nothing worked so far.

Thank you in advance