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Full Version: XBMC - help a beginner...!
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Hi All - Hopefully i've navigated to the right part of the forum to ask this question.

I have just purchased a Acer Revo 3700, and want to get it up and running with XBMC. I am however completely new to this so need to some help and advice.

I want to use the Revo / XBMC for the following:

Viewing media files (photos / videos / movies etc).
Viewing and recording live TV
Using other apps (such as Skype / internet browser etc)

what is the best route for me to take to achieve the above??

Should I install Ubuntu and then run XBMC? Or I gather XBMC is packaged as an OS also?? However, if I use XBMC Live, will I still be able to access other applications such as Skype??

I have read as many guides as I can, but just wanted to ask these questions before I start.

Many Thanks - I'm looking forward to getting started but want to head off in the right direction first.

many Thanks

Andy Nerd
No. XBMC is a program. XBMCLive is an Ubuntu distrubition that includes XBMC as is OpenELEC.tv

Skype: Look into Advanced Launcher.

You also won't be able to view or record live TV with mainline XBMC. You'll need to compile your own version from the guy that is working on it.
Hi Darkscout

i've sorted my USB installer for XBMCLive and am going to install it and give it a go later on...

I'm just reading about Advanced Launcher so thanks for that info.

with regard to compiling my own version - can you point me in the right direction to read about this?? or is there any alternative that I could use for viewing / recording tv??


Fancy new website called googol. Or maybe it's google.

'compile xbmc' should get you everything you need to know.
There also maybe some help in the PVR forum for XBMC which can be found on this website for the TV stuff that you are looking for. I know there used to be a few people that would compile that version of XBMC and make it available for download on their websites.
cheers for your help guys.