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Full Version: Really simple metadata question.
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If I allow XBMC to scrap for covers and fanart and then I later use another program to add those things to the folder my media is in will XBMC update to that? Or does it have to be present before updating my library?
The latter.
Alright thought so, Thank you.

What would I have to do to update it?
Go to movie info and and either use refresh or "Get Thumb" or "Get Fanart", refresh updates everything for the movie your on but anything that's refreshed also gets added to the top of your recently added

Doesn't pre eden refresh artwork once a day ?...
I googled a bit and it seems like it does. I would assume it also refreshes metadata as well then? I want to get my htpcs up and running but having a hard time deciding on metadata handling. So if I can keep tweaking it without having to refresh each one that will work perfectly.
>>X<< Wrote:Doesn't pre eden refresh artwork once a day ?...

Care to explain more?
Hitcher Wrote:Care to explain more?

No not really I've seen it mentioned a couple of times and it was news to me to and I never got a reply when I ask about it Eek

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