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Full Version: XBMC Linux instad of windows - do 3d ISOs work and improved SBS?
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Hi all.

Ok, so the last couple of days just been rebuilding an old HTPC adding a new Radeon 6450 card for 3d output. A dual core 2.2ghz, 2gb ram Dell Optiplex 755

I opted for Windows XBMC seeing as I'm much more familiar with windows however running into a batch of problems that have spent hours on....wondering if linux might be the better route for me.

First problem I have is that any 3d ISO mounted plays back very jerky...mounted from a USB drive, but also copied to internal drive as a test. Playing m2ts files do work much faster, but then dont have a 3d option. At first I thought it may have been the USB transfer speed/win7 drivers but doing same from internal makes me doubt it. Also powerdvd and TMT seem to be a pain to playing ball (TMT definatley the better of the 2)

Secondly, if I play SBS content, quite a few of them have bars on the far left and far right side of the screen. I've searched and found others using XBMC (windows) have had these bars....but if play the same file in my popcorn player, or even directly into the TV usb, these bars on the side aren't a problem....it's as if the far left and right it isn't attempting to put 2 pictures overlayed, and maybe only 1.

So can anyone confirm for me its possible to mount 3d isos? And secondly, no similar issues with sbs content?


edit - oops I can't spell 'instead'