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Full Version: Playback issue on only a couple of mkv files
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Help! Can't figure this one out. I have lots of Blu rip MKV movie files, with XBMC working spectacularly. Recently, I replaced a couple of SD 480 titles with new, same title, Blu rips by first removing the SD's from the library and then rescanning to pick up the MKV titles. This is the same procedure I have used previously with no problems. When I attempt playback on these two titles they both are choppy, stuttering and unwatchable. I notice on the video settings that both of these have the option to deinterlace where all of my other MKV's show to have no deinterlacing option and show to be DXVA. Both show movie info to be 1080 HD ready. It's as though XBMC has cached the previous SD watch history and info and is still referring to it. I have multiple XBMC HTPC's and these two titles play perfectly on the others, so it is just this one installation. I have 10.1 with the awesome Neon skin. I scrape all my movies with Media Companion to write the movie info into the files, which are stored externally and accessed on a wired network.
Any help would be much appreciated.
And I gotta say..........My hat's off to you guys
What a job all the Developers have done on this incredibly good media center
Use MediaInfo and see if the files really are interlaced.
Thanks for the response
I used Mediainfo to check these files and both show to be format AVC with progressive scan type
Both of these files are on my Mediasmart server and play fine on my other HTPC setups over my wired network. On the good playing setups, drop down menu video shows both to have no deinterlace option and to be DXVA. I have seen a similar choppy playback before, even on standard def video rips, which was cured by rebooting my router. I have not tried that in this case simply because other MKV's I sampled at the same time are playing perfectly.
A couple of nights ago I Revo uninstalled XBMC 10.0, moderately with deletion of all related files Revo could find. I then performed a fresh install of 10.1 and
copied the entire XBMC roaming appdata file from one of my other setups to avoid a lengthy rescan. This was done after the problem files were found and appears not to have changed anything.
Any other ideas would be appreciated.
Just out of curiosity, what are the dimensions of the videos you're having trouble with? Are they 1280x720 or 1920x1080, or are they something less standard?
I am and have been using DVDFab for quite some time. I have preferences to autocrop on BD rips, which for these two wound up at:

1804 x 1080 and
1882 x 800

XBMC settings are for a true fullscreen @ 1920 x 1080
HDMI connected to Panasonic Plasma
I am going to run mediainfo on some other titles and see what the resolution is.
I checked a dozen more (good playing) files with Mediainfo and found every one to be 1920 by something. My problem rig is a Zotac build running Vista 64 and playing through a Panasonic Plasma. Something here must not like rescaling the width where my other HTPC's don't seem to mind. I had a fresh install of DVDFab and may have to change settings or at least make sure of the cropped width being 1920 prior to ripping. Thanks for the nudge in what I am certain is the right direction, I will rerip these titles and post if that fixes the problem.
Do you have ION graphics in your Zotac?

Quote:from nvidia's linux vdpau README: All current third generation PureVideo hardware
(G98, MCP77, MCP78, MCP79, MCP7A) cannot decode H.264 for the following horizontal resolutions:
769-784, 849-864, 929-944, 1009–1024, 1793–1808, 1873–1888, 1953–1968 and 2033-2048 pixel.

If you see the message "DXVA - width ___ is not supported with nVidia VP3 hardware. DXVA will not be used" in your log then this is your issue. Just re-rip and make sure to keep width at 1920 pixels and you should be fine.
wwthumb Wrote:1804 x 1080 and
1882 x 800

There it is. I had my suspicions. The Zotac has an Intel atom processor, first-gen nVidia ion graphics processor, I'm guessing.

The ion has certain "dead zones" of video widths where it doesn't work. You can see the list here under Feature Set B. The first falls in the 1793-1808 zone, the second into the 1873-1888 zone.

So, XBMC falls back to using software decoding, and the atom processor isn't up to it.
Yes I do have Ion graphics. I never did look at the logs, I'm not sure I even have that enabled. Thanks Scudlee for kicking me in the right direction. When everything else is working so great even a minor problem like this is hard to take. Playing on one setup and not another was slowly driving me crazy.
Problem solved..................Thanks to all!