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Full Version: Foxconn 330i Still crashing in library mode
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I had posted about this issue before and didn't get much help. The issue still seems to be happening so i wanted to post again. I have gathered most of the needed info and will be posting the rest at some point today but wanted to get this thread started now.

Here is some info from the how to post an issue thread:

Linux XBMCLive 2.6.32-29-generic #58-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 11 19:00:09 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux
Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS - XBMCLive Dharma


Skin Name:
Not specific to skin, issue replicated on confluence,transparency,backrow,aeon nox

Other things that may be useful:
Foxcon 330i 2gb Kingstan Mem 16gb Kingston SSD now with updated firmware

The issue that i have is that my XBMC seems to crash in library mode but only for movies, i dont seem to have an issue when using the TV section of XBMC.

Most of the time is crashes when scrolling though the movies quickly, or sometimes it crashes when browsing a genre and very rarely it crashes when watching a movie. Funny thing is that it only seems to crash when that movie was located using the library mode. When i browse the location manually using the "files" mode, i dont seem to have any issues but using that method sucks and defeats the purpose of XBMC.

I have done fresh installs a few time already and cant seem to figure out whats going on but it seems to be tied to the movie data base which is a little over 1200 movies ranging from xvid to x264 in separate folders. These movies are on a freenas box and have been accessed with both Samba and NFS both with the same crashing results.

I use Ember to scrape all my data and suspected that it might be the issue so i re-scraped all of my movies and the issue seems to still be there. My next option is to just let XBMC do the scraping but i would need to delete all the files that ember created and with having such a large collection, that's not going to be easy so i hope i dont have to do that.

I do have 2 other instances of XBMC running at home all pointing to the same freenas box and they dont seem to have the same issues, one is running on my desktop (amd quad core, 9800gtx, win 7 64, 8gb mem) and my bedroom atv2. Neither of these crash the way the foxcon does so its hard for me to say if the issue really is with the files created by Ember or not.

From a hardware standpoint i cant really try much other then other memory, which i have already tested and swapped out with other mem that has passed mem test. I thought it may have been the SSD so i pulled it, ran diag and updated it firmware and that didn't seem to help.

Here is the crash log that shows up for a recent crash:


Ill enable debugg mode in a few and stir up some more crashes and post that info soon.

Here is the paste bin with debugging enabled


Edit 2:
Here is pastebin from a crash while just looking in the library:
Part 1: http://pastebin.com/y45NcTyn
Part 2: http://pastebin.com/LriRmBeH

Here is one while watching a movie where the system hung:
Over 40 views and not one comment, am i not posting enough information? Am i just dumb and should see what the issue is? Can anyone please help me out here, i really dont know what else to do at this point.
No feedback at all? This is pretty disturbing since i see most threads getting some sort of comments.

Am i not posting enough info, please someone help me..
no one at all huh??
After alot of hard work it seems as if the issue may have been that stupid kingston vnow SSD that everyone says sucks the big one and dies on everyone. While the drive has not died on me it seems to be the root issue since i have just done a fresh install on another hard drive and it seems to be working much better now. Going to keep testing and if i dont get any crashes i know what the damn issue was.

Now to get kingston to give me an RMA on a drive that isnt truely dead yet.
I may have spoken to soon as i crashed again while watching a movie. Im going to enable debug mode again but if this continues im going to have to think its the foxconn since i have tried different hardware where possible