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Full Version: Change key mapping for different add-on?
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Would it be possible to change my key mapping (ATV2 stock remote) depending on the app I use?

Looking at the Key Map.txt in the git it doesn't look like it, but when using the TVCatchup Add-on I would like to be able to press up and down to change the "channel" I am watching, where as in a film from my NAS I have set them to be +/-10min.
Key mappings can be specified globally or for specific windows. For example, when playing a video the window used is "FullScreenVideo". You can check what window is being used by looking at the debug log. For example, when you play a video the log will show:

DEBUG: ------ Window Init (VideoFullScreen.xml) ------

OK this is a slightly bad example as the file is called "VideoFullScreen.xml" not "FullScreenVideo.xml", but you get the idea. Anyhow, if the addon uses a specific window you can add mappings for it, and the way to find out if it uses a specific window is to go into that bit of the add-on then look for a "Windows Init" message in the log.

Looking at it they all (both movies form NAS and TVCatchUp Plugin) both use the VideoFullScreen.xml so if I edited it then it would change both so looks like it's a no go for me. Thanks for the help anyway!