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Full Version: [RELEASE] Web-Radio.FM Christmas Audio
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In time for the holidays...

A simple audio plugin that captures 37 of playlist files from Web-Radio.FM - Christmas.

It does not get all the streams, but does capture most of them.

You can get the zipile here - plugin.audio.christmas.zip.

If I find the time to work on the regular expression to capture more of the streams, I'll do an update.


Thanks for this, I was previously using shoutcast but it's much easier to go straight into your plugin Smile

Works well for me and thanks a lot, we out the Xmas tree up to some classic of Xmas tunes lost night Smile

Would you consider doing multiple genres as stand alone projects? Goa Trance or Psy Trance is a favourite of mine (like the classic philosomatika) and would love individual genres with icons like you done for the holiday season to choose from... Like a radio repository.

Others may say bundle it into 1 plugin, but personally I think that is sometimes counter intuative...
I like to have only what I need, I like to pick and choose what I want and don't want, i dont like having to search though millions of irrelevant things to find what I want/need.

For example, I have the same problem with live streams, at first I used it every day, now its got such a huge amount of random channels that hardly any of them work due to out of date links, geo location, unreliable sites etc... I was in live streams for 25 minutes last week and not 1 channel (out of about 30 odd) I tried actually worked... If they reduce the channels or segregate them I think it would work better... Just like this I'd down load a few of my favourite music options and have them available at a single click.

Jut wanted to say thanks! Great fun plugin, works well, the entire family loved it and the kids can find it easily!