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Full Version: Way to Troubleshoot why epidosdes aren't being added in
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My xbmc isn't pulling in all my episodes of espn 30 for 30. Is there a good way to troubleshoot why it's not able to pull them in?

TheTVdb website has them all listed which is what I have the scraper set to. It's only pulling in one episode instead of all 30. They are all in the same folder too.

CHECK your name convention first. I used to have these issues once I handled the renaming library update and scrapping works solid. I use this name convention and it never fails,

My.Ghost.Stories.E01E13.Scary.Hell.House ......although this episode is fictional doesn't exist I am just trying to show you one way to name them. I have had 100 percent success adding every tv show this way I have about 2000 tv episodes of course many tv shows.

There are many renaming apps and some designed for tv show renaming. I would do a search next time too as some may not spend the time to answer a question that has been asked a lot. Search will be your personal assistant here on XMBC.org.

Have a good one and good luck on your project
Any luck solving this? I'm having the same issue.
Quote:Is there a good way to troubleshoot

Stop right there and get a Debug Log.
Check out ESPN 30 for 30 on thetvdb.com.

Then you'll have to rename your files accordingly.

Specials: s00eXX
Season 1: s01eXX
Season 2: s02eXX