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Full Version: OzWeather - Australian Weather Addon using BOM data
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This Add On is for Kodi (all versions since Frodo including and up to Leia)

It has been adapted to source it's weather observation and forecast data from the BOM (Australian Bureau of Meteorology) (via WeatherZone) - as this is really the only authoritative weather data in Australia.  Radar images are sourced from the BOM.

For full details, instructions, etc - please see the addon's page in the XBMC Wiki.


* Live BOM radar maps
* Accurate current observations (using the most local weather BOM observations, based on your suburb/postcode)
* 7 Day Forecasts
* Today's extended forecast
* Direct access to 'ABC Weather in 90 Seconds' video for a full national weather update
* Radar + mini weather when you pause video etc. (if you want)
* Should support pretty much all skin weather labels
* Best results with Estuary or Confluence, using a custom MyWeather.xml (files available from wiki).

In Estuary, it looks pretty much like this:


In Confluence, it looks pretty much like this:

Well there you go, I typed in "xbmc eden weather australia" to Google this evening on a whim... and this post is the first result.

bossanova808 - congratulations and THANKS, I'm gonna try this out right now...Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
I pushed a new zip this arvo with better longer forecasts as it happened.

I think so far it's only me that has tried it so would be good to see it work for others. Don't forget to to the Confluence skin changes if you want the longer forecast.

I really need help getting my repo going so I can push updates properly...
Works perfectly... Finally, correct AU forecasts in XBMC!

Ahem, I'd father your children if you added radar... Big Grin
Trust me, it's on the radar (ha!)

Just got to work out how....
You little bewdy! I have been waiting for this. I missed the weather by postcode function when I dumped Foxtel for XBMC.

Thank You
This is great, finally decent weather plugin for us aussies..
There's quite a lot of log file spew at the moment, until parseDOM goes to version 1 with the Eden release and I get my add on repo working properly so I can push updates...
v 0.0.4 is up - removed a few crap characters from the longer forecasts, better icon mapping for thunderstorms, and there's a new MyWeather.xml in the Confluence skin changes zip that makes the layout work better with very long forecasts.
Cool, I'll update when I get home tonight. I had noticed a bunch of square characters ᴶᴶᴶ in the long forecast & would certainly prefer to view thisextra info.
I've looked at radar and think int ehory it will be do-able but I might wait until Ronie builds some support into his wunderground one and see if I can piggyback off that. He's way way way way better at this than me so I am hoping he lays out a nice infrastructure I can then just feed some different images....
Ha - You can actually tell WZ are themselves scraping this page to get their data:

...you can see the same duff characters. Now I know what the 'Low-Moderate' after chance of rainfall is - it's the fire danger warning. Might have to hack that in so it's prettier...
OK got the repo working so please re-visit post #1 for new installation instructions.
well done on this one.
Repo works great. Installed, restarted XBMC and the plugin updated immediately.

Long forecast is better, although some are still so long that they're cut off (see screenshot).