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Full Version: Update Library problem
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I have my movies in a Movie Folder with subfolders (100 .avis each).

I scanned the folders and scrapped with OFDB.de scraper.

I fixed the errors but some movies didnt get scanned into the library.
I tried updating and scan for new content for each subfolder but I cant add them.

Is there any option to add a single Movie? I couldnt find any thing.
Or maybe a way to add scanned movies even if the scraper cant find anything.
Select the folder or movie file and select "get movie info" and it should give you an option to manually type in the name. Try various alternatives or partial spellings. Scrapers can be very picky about file names.
When I click on "movie information" I only get the first movie in the folder.

I think I found a way it seems to be a problem with the OFDB.de scraper.

I had to Scan everything with ofdb then change to imdb, "scan for new content" then change back to ofdb and refresh the new titles manually.
Ok still 2 Movies that I cant scan.
I tried every scrapper but I cant add them to the library so I cant even select "movie info" for the 2.