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Full Version: Pre-Eden: green lines on top and bottom for SD content
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Since a few months, I am experiencing green lines at the top and bottom of SD content.
This occurs on an Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit machine, using an NVidia GT425M.

Screenshots can be found here:

And the debug log is here.

The same type of lines occur on DVD isos as well. This log is from a 14 dec build, using Nvidia 280 drivers. The same happens using a 17 dec build and NVidia 290 drivers. Using Dharma, the content plays OK. On another machine, using Intel Sandy Bridge graphics, the content plays OK as well.

Let me know if you need more info.
By default vdpau decoding for mpeg4 is disabled. You can enable it in advanced setings "allowmpeg4vdpau" in video section.
I think your GPU does support mpeg4 decoding and vdpau would crop those green lines.

If not, can you provide a short sample of the video?
allowmpeg4vdpau leads to a black screen, or some strange artifacts in the bottom right of the screen.

A small sample is available here.

Thanks for your help!
It seems to be a wrong setting: after changing "De-interlace method" from "de-interlace" to "auto select", the issue is gone.
The "Deinterlace video" setting is set to "Auto".