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Full Version: XMBC not finding any media files
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Hi ,i hope somebdody can help me with this issue i have just installed
XBMC and when i go to add a movie file avi or mkv file it does not show up this also happens with any picture is there a solution for these or is it some kind of bug have unistalled program and installed XBMC and still have the same issue.
Have you added your source to XBMC? See the wiki for details
Thanks will check it out now.
Have followed
Tutorial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkWYxqoOF...re=related
same as i had previously done but still it will not find any of my media files Avi,mkv, music not even my pictures just the folders where all of these are stored , have reinstalled XMBC several times but still no luck .
Still looking around in threads but cant find a solution the only thing i could try now is install XMBC on another PC see if it will find media files stored just in case its a problem with my PC.
Go on Videos then Files use "C" on your movie folder and "set content" select the type (movies) and a scrapper and click OK.
Thanks i have managed to get it fixed now and adding movie scrapper, awesome.

Thanks for your help.