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Full Version: Add an animation to dialogseekbar.xml
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I would like to add an animation in my mod (alaska mod) but I can't do it. I did some tries but it doesn't work and I don't know how to do (I watched the wikibut but no result).

What I want to do: I want to animate the movie cover and the tvshow logo like this: it enters the screen from the left while it rotates (on x, y or z axis)

In the pastebin below, cover and logo are writen between line 141 and line 161.

Thanks a lot for the help


You'll want to add something like this to the image -

PHP Code:
<animation type="WindowOpen" reversible="false">
effect type="slide" ... />
effect type="rotate" ... />
Thank you for your help Hitcher.

It works very well.

I had to write cover and logo in a control type="group"not in control type="image". That was the solution.