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Full Version: Movie Info, Art etc.
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I have a nice setup with TVersity running on a central server. This server has all my movies. For client side, I am using XBMC on Windows 7, XBOX, and PS3 (Multiple PCs). All seems to be working just fine.

The reason for me to use TVersity is so that it will transcode automatically if needed for the destination platform.

My question is, for my setup, can I have XBMC download Box Art, movie rating, info etc.? Tversity provides folders style locations via UPnP.

For my source, I set the top folder type (in XBMC) to Movies and seleted IMDB as the scraper. After selecting this, I told it to perform scan which it did but scan finished in like 5 seconds. Nothing different is shown for my movies.

Is it possible to download movie info for items being served via TVersity? If so, could you please point me in the right direction?

UPnP does not work with library mode/view on XBMC
Ned Scott Wrote:UPnP does not work with library mode/view on XBMC

The library needs to store the URL for the video, but the URLs provided by uPnP servers are dynamic i.e. they can change from session to session. That means there's no useful way to store uPnP resources in the library.

Doesn't TVersity also allow access to films via HTTP? If so you could probably get the films into the library using strm files.