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Full Version: PulseAudio to XBMC via Airplay
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I recently recognized that native Airplay support has been built in the latest xbmc git. My htpc now runs a fresh compiled version and with airplay enabled it looks for incomming connections on port 36667.
The next step I'd like to take is to connect the pulseaudio on my netbook via wifi with the htcp. Therefore I installed (both running ubuntu 11.10) pulseaudio-module-raop and enabled the airplay discovery with the help of papref.
But: There seems no way to find a sink in pulseaudio to select as the xbmc-airplay. Even if I try to connect myself with:

pactl load-module module-raop-sink server=

The connection is refused. Than I tryed to connect on the same machine with pulseaudio to xbmc and even that way it doesn't work at all.
I don't find any working way to stream music via wifi to my htpc Sad
(I need a pulseaudio connection because I'd like to stream simfy)
Any ideas? Smile
Ok I think there is no way to get this work.. now I'm streaming localmusic via pulseaudio → rygel → upnp → xbmc. The latency is funny (7 sec) but this seems ok for me. The main problem was xbmc compiled with --enable-airport, but without --enable-airtunes. This last mentioned flag gets pulseaudio (with raop-module) to find the xbmc and start the stream, but no way to get some audio streamed with this connection. Think xbmc has some problems with its codecs / mime descriptionn, but this is another thread,... Wink
Did you build xbmc by yourself? If so did you use the current master tree? I've fixed an ipv6 issue in xbmc's airtunes which might have been the issue here. Though i don't know if this is supposed to work with pulseaudio.

I assume that this use case (XBMC being a target for an AirTunes stream from a Linux box) opens a lot of opportunities and thus I am trying to resurrect this thread.

For the last couple of days, I have been trying to configure PulseAudio (PA) to stream to XBMC using AirPlay. I got somehow further than christian667 (as the RTSP session runs), however XBMC does not play any PulseAudio tunes yet.

PulseAudio (v.1.1) is running on one box (Fedora 17) and XBMC (v.12.0-RC2 Git:0a58027) is running on another box (OpeneElec r12814) in the same network.

Upon loading the module-raop-discover module into PulseAudio, it starts the RTSP session during which it sends the following RTSP methods to XBMC: ANNOUNCE, SETUP and RECORD. Next, PulseAudio reports
Quote:raop_client.c: Connection failed: Connection refused
and XBMC starts the audio player visualisation. Please see the logs for further details (as stored at pastebin.com):
At this point, I use the PulseAudio play-file command and route the sound to the raop.openelec.local sink. PulseAudio sends the RTSP method SETPARAMETER (to set the volume), however XBMC does not play the file. The corresponding XBMC and PulseAudio logs are given below.
The iOS devices (v.6.0) as well as iTunes (v. work fine with the XBMC's AirPlay unless PulseAudio tries to connect (as described above). In that case XBMC needs to restart to accept streams from iOS devices again.

According to Wikipedia, the AirTunes protocol stack underwent a major change in 2010. The release date of PulseAudio 1.1 is 20-Oct-2011. This could perhaps be the problem. On the other hand, I diff-ed the raop code as it appears in PA v.1.1 and PA v.3.0 and it seem to be almost identical.

One may suggest using some other client application (other than PA) to connect to the AirPlay service as provided by XBMC. I tried VLC as discussed in this post on VideoLAN forum:
Quote:cvlc /mnt/cdda/share/track01.cdda.wav Confusedout='#transcode{acodec=alac,channels=2,samplerate=44100} :raop{host=}'
It does not work either and the corresponding XBMC log is available here. The VLC version is 2.0.5.

Can anybody help with solving the problem described above?