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Full Version: Remote Controllers for XBMC
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like i said, i owned both rii mini's and they never worked correctly..
About iRule:

After some hours of "programming" thru iRule's interface i wonder if it's the right system... Let me explain, it's really simple add buttons and link them to specific-device commands but i have several issue on network link.
I used a direct http link to control my xbmc and only one time worked well.
Maybe my old phone (htc magic) isn't fully compatible or i got some mistakes during the content creation..
I have 5 remote on my desk and i don't want anymore. My search for the "unique one" must go on...
Any suggestion?
Are there more IR Receivers that work 100% with Linux?
I want to buy one best case from germany.
I cant even find the HP on amazon.de or any other german shop and ebay only ships from china/hong kong and its hard to find the 5188-1667.

Oh btw Iam using a Harmony so no need for the Remote just the Receiver.
well, there's other receivers that will work with linux,
i just cant confirm u which model...

but i can confirm FLIRC.tv works.
Dragonlance Wrote:I have 5 remote on my desk and i don't want anymore. My search for the "unique one" must go on...
Any suggestion?

why not go for an harmony650 remote?

Thats the only one I found in a german shop that seems to work ok with Linux.

Check logitech blemished box sales I upgraded to a Harmony 700 last week got it under 50€ with free Ultimate Ears 100.
Not that different from the One or other higher priced models just no touchscreen and only 6 device (650 is for 5 I think).
My old choice was the harmony 1100 but its price is too high, even in a blemished box. I saw also the iPronto line but prices are vy high too. No
But when I read about the iRule my mind get crazy around a cheaper android tablet turned into a "perfect" customized remote.....Cool
Btw it's not so simple, and i'm wondering if it worth or not.
i dont know as i dont use iRULE.
but i do know i love my HArmony650 remote.
but now, there's also the HARMONY LINK which works with Android OS.
Reviews about the Harmony Link aren't so good... Take a look into their site / reviews....
yeah but, it'll only get better.
and if u want a working %100 solution,
again, do like me, replace 5 remotes with an HARMONY 650
not actually in production yet... and i think it might be a while as phillips aren't actually gonna make it, just want to license the design? but i can't wait for uwand style remotes to become available Smile i actually got a semi- after seeing there site, especially after my (soon to be lifted) disapointment at the nyxboard.
works just like my GYRATION AIR MOUSE GO PLUS!

you should check out MobileMousePro ---> http://www.mobilemouse.com/overview.html
im interested in hp ir solution. is this solution okay? http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/Brand-new-HP-...4aad00b235

whats the keyword to search?

i made a remote thread located in my HTPC.
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