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Full Version: Remote Controllers for XBMC
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Had a quick go on my lunch hour and it's working. Sometimes it doesn't respond to a key press but on the whole it's working as I want it to.
I just ordered a receiver from ebay (search for usb receiver mce) and I got one of the silver ones for about £8/9. Took two weeks to come from Hong Kong though. You just add it as a device in the Logitech software as a Media Centre PC:Microsoft:MCE Keyboard, and then customise the buttons as you want them.

Don't think it's possible to boot from the remote, but I can use my phone to Wake on Lan, or just get of my bum! Shut down didn't work, but I don't think I've enabled it in the xbmc settings (as I've normally just exited xbmc).
perfect thaks for the feedback !
By the way have you ever try to play 1080p 3D content on the lenovo?
Not 3D content sorry. TV upgrade is next on the list, but that will be a while off.
For option 8 you can repin the Inteset CIR receiver and use it with Asrock motherboards that support CIR. When installing it on the Asrock will it still show up as a microsoft certifed device under ehome?
Hi, just one question. Can I use my Remote from my Bose V25 Home Cinema 5.1 system ? I use it already instead of all remotes (ADSL box, TV, PS3, BD player etc.).

that would be amazing if possible
(2012-01-11, 15:18)Laibr Wrote: [ -> ]I bought myself this one. Big Grin
Its a rii mini i6 irf
Much like a boxee box remote.
I'll give my experiences later.

Has anyone with a Rii Mini i6 able to get the remote side to work with XBMC? If so, with what IR receiver?
doesn't the rii mini i6 have its own receiver O.O ??
(2012-07-08, 21:58)eskro Wrote: [ -> ]doesn't the rii mini i6 have its own receiver O.O ??

If I'm not mistaken, I believe the receiver (RF or Bluetooth) it comes with only controls the keyboard side. The remote sides uses IR.

I wonder if that $7 Rosewell dongle will work.
I'm sure it will. Though I'm surprised it didn't come with one. .. I have always assuem it had both included, or maybe even a combination IR/RF receiver

I've been in contact with Rosewill about getting myself one. The replies ahve been fast and concise, but since getting my last email about them contacting their warehouse about stock status, I've heard nothing :/
Just ordered this ir reciever/ blaster for use with my harmony 300 HP 5070 2584 Media Center Remote Control IR Reciever wBlaster Cable

Can anyone confirm it works for the harmony 300?
should be fine
Ok.. After stumbling around and buying an Antec 30123 VERIS E-Z Multimedia Station remote + receiver, I found it would not work with any PC software I threw at it (EventGhost, IR Server Suite and a few others) -- the receiver was getting stuff but was discarding it.. Apparently something to do with the iMon firmware (which is not upgradable apparently).. Anyway I will be returning it in favor of the PS-3 Bluetooth remote I bought last night at Best Buy... Anyway, it seems to work just fine with my mobo that has BT onboard.. Not sure why I didn't notice this thread sooner! It'd be nice if it was a sticky!
Is anyone using the Inteset remote for multi devices like the Harmony?
I'm fed up with the Harmony's lag and looking for an alternative but it seems there is nothing.
(and yes, I have tweaked it to *reduce* lag but it doesn't eliminate it)

which harmony you have?
which IR receiver?
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