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Full Version: Stuck in Workspaces Mode
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I am running xbmc-live and I hit a keyboard combo that put the display into workspaces m ode with the xbmc desktop in the top left of my television screen. The keyboard will not navigate the xbmc interface but I can Ctrl-Alt-F5 to the shell.
The setting is persistent across reboots, so know I need to clear a setting but don't know where to start.
You should eb able to alt-tab to get focus on the xbmc window, once there pressing "\" will switch xbmc between fullscreen and normall window mode.
I don't think that alt-tab works with a bare X11. XBMC Live doesn't have a desktop manager.
alt-tab probably does not work...but if I remember correctly, positioning the mouse pointer over the xbmc area before pressing \ does work.

NB. If it does not work try \ on US keyboard layout.