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Full Version: Any Finnish video streams available?
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it seems i can find streaming content from most other countries but finland. has anyone seen anything with finnish content. i've found a couple of internet radio stations but i'm looking for television broadcasts mostly.

check my ooba script ... it has some yle stuff.

ooba: http://www.xbmcscripts.com
yle24: http://www.yle.fi/yle24/videosali/index_audio.php

xbmcscripts seems to be down for a while. is the script anywhere else?
you can get my development version here:

thanks for the help. i got the script from xbmcscripts. the program runs ok, it's just when i try to view any streaming media, i get an error that says "[errno2] no such file or directory: 'q\\scripts\\ooba\\cache\\whatever url"

i'm pretty sure i followed the readme instructions, my other streaming apps work ok. is there something i'm missing.

thanks again for the help! :bowdown: