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Full Version: Aljazeera - TVcatchup - sound but no vision
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Anyone else getting this problem?
I just tried the Al Jazeera add-on that i use and it's working fine. Perhaps you have an older version, or maybe just uninstall/reinstall it. I've had to do that with a couple addon to get them working properly, though missing audio had never been an issue
Which addon are you using?
Checking the logs, I find this:

14:29:41 T:2764 ERROR: Unsupported video codec
14:29:41 T:2764 WARNING: CDVDPlayer::OpenVideoStream - Unsupported stream 0. Stream disabled.
Anyone have this addon working?
adioukrou Wrote:Anyone have this addon working?

Yea, about 3000 people Smile If you're having issues with the streams you are better off posting over at TVCatchup's own forums as I check them far more often then here. I've just checked Al-Jazeera and it seems to be playing okay here, let me know if you've still got issues.