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Full Version: Q: How to make subtitles appear only as language?
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Hello there everyone!

I got one question and although i searched for quite a while in the forum i didn't find an answer so here it is: Is it possible to rename our subtitle file in a way that only the Language name appears? For example, let say we got the movie


and the subtitle file


So, when i browse my subtitle files during playback i got this:


Is there a way that it only says "English" and not the entire file name? Also, with the latest Eden Beta 1, i got this "[unknown]" at the end of the subtitle file (see screenshot). How must the subtitle file be named so that it shows tha language instead of "unknown" (cause i presume it's supposed to show the language of the subtitle).

Thanks in advance for your help and efforts in making such a magnificent application that perfects our Home Cinema experience! Big Grin
Any info on this. I use the two letter combo to specify the language as well. This works fine in Plex but here I only get the .SRT filename+Unknown.
What is the propper way to name them in XBMC?
Not sure how to do it when you're using external .srt files...

but if you use mkvmerge and remux the .srt file so it's inside the .mkv and choose the correct language inside mkvmerge then XBMC will only show the language name. That's how I did my entire library but if you did your entire library with external files then it might be a big task.

Otherwise I think it's a coding thing the developers would need to do to recognize the two or three character code and replace it with the full name, i.e. English, French, etc. Not sure if XBMC center behaved before because I just started using it with Eden and all my files are .mkv's with internal subs.
Yeah, my subs are all external.. Sad
Hmm, thought XBMC did this, but perhaps not (it's trivial to do, after all, as we know the language pretty clearly...)

Will have a nosy around the code and see whether it's something that's been disabled accidentally (i.e. a bug) or whether it doesn't exist (i.e. needs a feature request).
Ok, taken a look - seems as the the code isn't there, so it's a feature request for Eden+1.

Should be relatively easy to do. If anyone wants to give it a crack, see CDVDPlayer::AddSubtitleFile() and fill in the language param of the SelectionStream.

Thank you Jonathan!! Smile
Did anyone do this?
Trying frodo beta, it seems this hasnt been addressed yet. Anyone working on this?
Crickets! Smile
+1 for a Feature Request
Hello XBMC fellows,

Could anyone please address this issue with subtitle language display? Still waiting and we are in Frodo going on Gotham already.

Thanks, CF
Does it really matter? The pic in post 1 shows 'en' which is the language. C'mon this is pretty minor...
XBMC is a community effort, so if you like this feature - code it.
I can't code C++ at all so I won't be attempting it myself.
I personally don't see the need either.
Hello nickr, Kibjie and XBMC fellows,

It is desirable for users that subtitles appear itemised according to their Language, regardless of their format, in a very simple straightforward way, and not presenting the tedious long name of its original file as it is found somewhere within the storage sources. At the moment, under Audio and subtitle settings, one has to wait for the subtitle line to slide all the way till the end of it to then see if there is any reference to what language it might be. That has to be done for every subtitle line until one finds the one one is looking for. Subtitles selection and visualisation are the kind of information that goes into the UI and anything related to User Interface should be presented with attention to detail, in one word, in the most simple way. That is the purpose of having ongoing work towards a beautiful and simple UI.

Since XBMC is a community effort I am sure there are coders within it that might share the impression that the language visualisation for srt files (and perhaps others too) is something that needs to be addressed at a certain point, however I would agree in that there is no urgency on the matter. Please, if there is anyone there reading this forum that could make this work, please don't feel discourage by commentaries not seeing the need for this (in a community we all have different needs and points of view) and know that I, along with some other users of XBMC, we would be grateful to see this fixed.