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Full Version: XBMC's Piracy Stance: Draft
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No one is attacking or being hostile to the add-on developers for IceFilms, 1Channel, or even Navi-X, etc. I messaged most of those add-on authors myself when this happened and told them I would be happy to do whatever I could to help direct people to a new thread/forum for their users. I try to maintain a good relationship with the people from XBMC Hub, as well.

I sometimes get annoyed as hell at users who can't read about our rules, but that's different, and isn't about this rule specifically. Even then I will most often still take the time to direct them to the correct help thread or website, or even sometimes try to help them off-site.

You've got some nerve making these unfounded accusations just because you're not getting your way, ironbill. You want us to ban every single add-on because you don't get to have a support thread here? I'm tired of you, and I don't care about your opinion. You're a troll and you're probably 12 years old, so I'm going to show you the door.
(2013-01-09, 19:26)PobjoySpecial Wrote: [ -> ]XBMC is like a city. It has dumpy parts of town. Some city councilmen like the dumpy part of town to get their fix of hookers and weed, but the city has to officially follow state and federal laws. City councilmen don't want state legislators to see the dumpy part of town for fear of losing their hooker/weed supply, so they pretend it doesn't exist when their overlords come for a visit. Unfortunately, all the dumpy townspeople get offended that their urban blight is a legal embarrassment. Dumpy townspeople protest.

I feel it's more like a bunch of over privileged college kids kept going into the bad part of town and loudly yelling "EXCUSE ME, BUT WHERE WOULD I GO TO BUY SOME DRUGS?!" instead of being desecrate about it. Then the city had to do something about it when they didn't necessarily want to because it made the front page of the newspaper :P
Nice one Bill - I hope that counts as fair use!
all this nonsense the devs put up with serves as a good reminder for long-time users to donate if you haven't in a while. done
How about this piracy stance on social media and other mediums like IRC, Facebook, Google+ etc ?
(2013-06-21, 21:04)schumi2004 Wrote: [ -> ]How about this piracy stance on social media and other mediums like IRC, Facebook, Google+ etc ?

I try to be a policeman on IRC if I see it... ping me or any team member if you see any abuse there
(2013-06-21, 21:04)schumi2004 Wrote: [ -> ]How about this piracy stance on social media and other mediums like IRC, Facebook, Google+ etc ?

The google+ community page I leave totally unmoderated. This is mostly because I've never bothered looking to see how to moderate.

The Facebook page I tend not to moderate for piracy, simply because user posts and comments are mostly invisible unless you actively seek them out. The only moderation is when I feel like a for-profit site or org is spamming users with pirate crap.
Broadly speaking, the most important point of this entire stance is one of trying to clear up confusion.

Too often, users have said things like, "Why is XBMC not working?" When they are actually meaning, "Why is the pirate streaming service of the week not working?"

Constantly confusing shoddily encoded pirated streaming services with XBMC can cause a ton of frustration. Our developers work for months and months to make dramatic improvements to the library, improve performance, and features like AirPlay, and otherwise make XBMC one of the best media center softwares available in the world. To see all that work boiled down to "it's broken because I don't understand the difference between it and my illegal streaming service" is maddening.

Thus, in many ways the piracy policy is mostly enforced with the eye to make clear the distinction between the software and dev team, and all the streaming piracy that none of us use.

Tons and tons of google indexed forum posts increase that confusion. Social media posts by random users that never get indexed tend to have little or no effect on the confusion.
I might add that it doesn't help when a certain banned site makes a YouTube video and song saying all the media in the world is free thanks to XBMC. That's roughly the equivalent of saying, "piracy is awesome because of Microsoft Windows."
With all due respect,

To be fair... Neither the song, nor the commercial, say anything like that. They say that XBMC puts everything at your finger tips... and it does. Heck... The addons on this site alone provide such an extensive viewing library that it boggles the mind. This is all thanks to the creators of XBMC, and XBMC's fiercly creative add-on developers.

We have been working extremely hard to abide by the changes you all asked us to make. We have made every change that was requested of us. I don't understand why, months later, the *pot shots must continue.

I guess, as in life, perspective is everything.
"XBMC, yeah, you can watch it all for free. XBMC, yeah, yeah."

Lyric directly transcribed from the song.
Yes... You don't pay any money for XBMC or its addons. As I said though, perspective is everything. I obviously won't change any minds Wink
I still find it strange that it's "allowed" to discuss stuff about illegal things that can be done with XBMC even if it is via addons.
I understand you can't control all but things are getting out of hand imo when you check Google+

Just a few post's

The thing that concerns me most is that xbmchub = xbmc. You can say it isn't but for the outside world it is.
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