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Full Version: XBMC's Piracy Stance: Draft
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Thank you I greatly appretiate it man, I know nothing of being banned or how all that works, and im sorry that people have ruined this for you guys, I was just using this for family and didn't nknow any better, im not very literate when it comes to computers and programs just seen this on line and gave it a shot.
I will deffinetly stop at once being that this is illegal.
Just wondering, Is the MXQ Pro by Ott advertised fully loaded showing Kodi's name OK? I found another post in a Facebook Group if not.

Better get rid of PDF readers too, I hear people pirate ebooks.
(2016-08-15, 09:18)willieaames Wrote: [ -> ]Better get rid of PDF readers too, I hear people pirate ebooks.

What is it that you think you are replying to?
Need some help.

I started a thread http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=292349&page=5 that was spammed and closed because of rules violations.

Problem is, I didn't violate anything. I looked THOROUGHLY through the Piracy Policy thread and the Forum Rules.

I have not attempted to sell anything.
I have not linked anything.

I was trying to get feedback on a potential business model I was trying to put together, but any person with the ability to make 2 and 2 equal 4 would realize that this is not selling, even though I do have a website set up as a mockup!

Because some of the other members posted a number of links to my website, which I MADE NO REFERENCE TO, this thread was spammed and closed. Undeservedly, in my opinon!

Is this the behavior I can expect when participating on this website? I sincerely understand the team's stance on pirated content and unsupported addons, but can an innocent user's thread be sabotaged SO EASILY by jealous, childish, or ignorant members? Specifically, Martijn closed the thread, and kennywayne07 and nickr posted links to my site on the thread without my permission.

Also, why can't I PM moderators or admin? This is the only way I can apparently get anyone's attention to petition that the thread be reopened.
Your website advertises that you install banned add-ons.
I did not post my website on this forum, YOU did! And in EITHER case, my website merely MENTIONS the addons I suggest in my build! The build is not downloadable by anyone because it is not shared, I don't post any links to any of these addons, and I didn't even post a link to MY OWN WEBSITE! How is this fair?

Can we take this back a second and address how it is that anyone can post my website links (and I have not posted any links myself AT ALL) and suddenly the thread I authored is closed and spammed? Can participants be sabotaged in this way?

Regardless of my dealings outside of this forum, including any intellectual properties, online representations of me or any entities or organizations I am a member of, how does that determine that threads that I post in accordance with the purpose of this forum are subject to being shut down because OTHERS bring those outside associations (i.e. weblinks) into the discussion?

I don't see this as a proper use of Kodi/XBMC Foundation's Piracy Stance. You end up shutting people down for no reason other than their aspirations, affiliations, or associations. That's not fair.
I didn't actually. Also we don't accept advertising and your username contravenes the rules.
My business name is Digital Lifestyles, LLC. Digilife is my domain name, nothing more. Is there another reason for this treatment?
(2016-10-17, 04:31)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]I didn't actually. Also we don't accept advertising and your username contravenes the rules.

So let me guess, this is your evil twin posting as you? http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2436970

Also, I didn't advertise anything. I was asking feedback on a business model only.
It was originally posted two or three above mine.

As a seller of boxes with banned addons installed you are persona non grata here.
(2016-10-17, 05:05)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]It was originally posted two or three above mine.

As a seller of boxes with banned addons installed you are persona non grata here.

"He did it first" is something I don't expect an adult to respond with. For all I know, Martijn saw YOUR post and decided to spam it!

I did not mention my selling of Kodi devices in the thread at all. It was not a part of my discussion. Using such low hanging fruit as "he sells banned addon boxes when he is away from the forum" is inadmissable as the fodder YOU used to sabotage this thread! This is cowardice!
You are really discussing this now do you? You are trying to squeeze out some information out of the kodi community which might in the end steer the way you do your business. That and the fact that we might have a clue what your business might involve due to the "leaked" website is simply enough for me in person to simply ban you out of this forum.

How fuckin naiv must one be to start to discuss this here? It doesn't matter what you posted or not. You are one of those people that make benefit out of my hobby by promoting piracy addons that still are dragging down the name Kodi. You can deny it as you want - i don't trust you a bit. And now you try to tell us that you are different because you do not do anything against Kodi officially because you only do it unofficially.

First let me say, this is not a complaint, if it looks like it some places, my apologize
And i have no small anecdotes, for you either i have a cold.

So i saw something that made me think "bad people" could use to sell kodi "shame on you" or at least justify, making their own Box
And selling it.
I looked through some of the comments, and saw some complain about we always had to do it the "US" way.
So i looked up TERMS OF SERVICE for YouTube, and as expected your agreeing to "US" law when using it, not your Country's law (not a complaint).
So we agree on "US" law most of the time anyway with most stuff.
I then looked up Microsoft's Service Agreement, and its based on "US" law UNTIL
(I can provide a link to page if needed, not sure on your rules on this, so ill go with no linking)
This is for when download apps from the Windows Store

b. Outside the United States and Canada. If you acquired the application in any other country, the laws of that country apply.

Could some "Bad Person" looking to make a profit, based on your sweat and tears not use that as an excuse, to sell his own Kodi Box, with all the "No No's' Misuse the Kodi logo, scoring on your hard work, laughing all the way to the Bank.
If his or hers Country Law permits it.

I hope i am wrong, because IT'S YOUR SWEAT, BLOOD and TEARS that made this possible.
I am thinking this because (i can't mention specific's i would violate your rules) but remember some years back with a certain "service", that got shut down they moved it to a Country, where the "Law's" favored them.

And where back in businesses.

Quick note:
I forgot that most European Country's put a "fee" on Blank disc's and so one, and pay the People who made the Music, DVD CD and so on.
That is why we can made a Copy for personal use

I apologize, for the of topic, but only place i thought it would fit.
Thank You
His business is based out of new Jersey.
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