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Full Version: HAMA MCE Remote - Context Menu?
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Hi there!

I just bought myself the HAMA MCE Remote because I couldn't get the PS3 BT Remote to work ... Everything works as planned, except for the missing context menus ...

Can someone tell me, what file I have to edit to put "Keyboard-press S" on "Channel +" and "Keyboard-press C" on "Channel -"

Here's my current Lircmap.xml

      <remote device="hama_52451">
My keymaps/remote.xml seems to be empty ...

Thanks! Big Grin
Anyone, please? Smile I can't access my XBMC settings anymore as my previously used keyboard stopped working after I edited the Lircmap.xml ...
Alright, so I'll just have to install my XBMC from scratch an return the remote :/