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Full Version: Smart Playlists for TV Shows
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So I've essentially made 2 smart playlists for some TV shows. One which contains shows that are recorded from TV and are often deleted when I'm finished watching them. The other contains TV shows that are more of an archived nature. I used the filter of path starts with for each playlist and it worked perfectly fine on the TV show level as it shows the correct amount of episodes. Although on the episode level it is still showing all of the episodes regardless of the playlist. Is this a limitation to the smart playlists or am I just missing something?


After reading this again, I think it might be better if I cited an example. I've got a recorded episode from Season 2 of The Walking Dead (located in E:\TV\The Walking Dead) and the complete first season of The Walking Dead on BluRay (located in M:\TV\The Walking Dead). The smart playlists correctly show the number of episodes depending on what playlist is selected but when you go to the episode level on either playlist, you see all the episodes.
No input? I've messed with the smart playlists for a few hours and I'm starting to think that it is a limitation.