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Full Version: How does one list programs that are in thetvdb, but don't have episode level info?
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Hi all,

I frequently watch The Rachel Maddow show from MSNBC via their podcast. I used to watch it by having the RSS feed as a source in XBMC, then going into Files and playing it from there.

Now, as the download speed isn't always enough to play without stuttering (though it has improved), I tend to pre-download the latest episode outside of XBMC into a folder which XBMC has access to.

TheTVDB website has info on Rachel's show, but doesn't have a per-episode breakdown, so to play the episode, I then have to go into the files section, then TV, then the rachel folder, then the episode without a tick.

Is there a way, perhaps, of flagging a show as a regular program with a date rather than an episode number.. or an episode number and have them with no additional metadata, or just using the main program info? ... or would I need to run up an .nfo file myself to do it?
I believe that the best solution would be you add the episodes of this TV show in TheTVDB, then everyone will have access to them. I did it in the past for TV shows that were not available there, it's easier than it seems, just create a user, you'll probably find in other sites the episodes lists and description, Wikipedia generally has. After adding the episodes then in your XBMC they will be added automatically in your database after scrapping.
Without being scraped or having a nfo file, episodes will not show up in a library.

Using the TVDB, your episodes must either use S01E01 (or some derivative) or air date, but only if that episode is listed in the TVDB along with it's airdate.

If you just want them to show up in your library with the least amount of work as possible, name the episodes with the prefix S2012E01, S2012E02, etc

Then go here and press the Add Episodes button as much as needed. You don't need to add any other details. The episodes will show up in your library.