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Full Version: The problem of Singles (and possibly other sub Categories)
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I've done a search on the forum and google but so far have not found any easy way to do this in XBMC (I'm on windows, but supect this is irrelevant)
I'll start with the Singles bit first
Info first -
I know about using the blank "Album" trick to show all other tracks under the "Singles" Category
My physical set up is that I have a Master 'Singles' Folder for each artist (if applicable) & each Single is in its own named subfolder and contains the tracks for that single.
Using Tori Amos as an example, I have 3 subFoldesr "1992 - S02.CD1 - Winter" ,"1992 - S02.CD2 - Winter" and "1992 - S02.CD1 - Winter (US) (this is the 1st & 2nd CDs of a UK digipack release, the only US release and was the 2nd single of 1992)
The MP3 Year Tag is 1992 and the track are numbered 1-4 for the 3 folders
I also use the %Y to the name, bu the problem still remains that although all the singles are sorted in Year Order, I get all 3 Track ones, then 3 Track 2s etc.
What I would like to see is CD1 (tracks 1-4), CD2 (Tracks 1-4)...
Is this possible and how
On a possibly related tack, I also physically split out Folders for 'Official" , "In Concerts" and 'Radio', with subfolders by date order
Is there a way to mimic this, ie to have an "Official" Grouping in the same way that there is a "Singles" Grouping
All advice greatfully received
PS. I don't do Filtering!
It does sound a little Anal retentive, but any artists' music evolves and this way lets me hear tha change. Which is why I prefer everything in the correct chronological order
I've found out the solution although it does mean doing some re-tags (and anticipating missing singles) so I thought I'd Share

I've used the 'disc' Tag
I set all the tracks in each single's folder to that Single's sequential number

I then use the settings and filelist then set the Track Naming Template to
%Y|%S:%N. %A - %T

Now this give, for the sake of argument
1992|12:01. Amos, Tori - Winter
1992|12:02. Amos, Tori - Winter (Live)
1992|13:01. Amos, Tori - Winter (LP Version)

and so on, and I can sort on name
Hope this helps someone else
Still need an answer on the grouping of "Official" and "non-Official" though