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Full Version: "Stacked Files" Problem
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I am loading the movies on my harddrive and I am listing some of them like this......

Day of the Dead pt 1
Day of the Dead pt 2


Straw Dogs pt 1
Straw Dogs pt 2

Some of the movies are coming up as "stacked files" which gives me an option to load part 1 or part 2 of the films.

Other movies are loading together as one film so I don't have a choice of which one I want.

Does anyone know how I can get all the films to load as "stacked files"?

Thank You
you may what to check this out,


Also it may be a pain now, but I have found that in the long run it is much easier to deal with an entire file rther than just a segment as sometimes they can get lost.
Thanks for the URL for instructions on the issue. I followed the directions on that page but I am still having the same problem........it does one of three things.......loads the stacking file the way I want it to......or it loads the movies into one big file......or it only loads one of the movies and ignores the other one all together........I am listing the movies like this

Day of the Dead CD1
Day of the Dead CD2

unfortunately it isn't filing everything in a stacked file.......is anyone else having this issue and know any other solutions?