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Full Version: Help setting up scraper
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I’ve installed XBMC on my jailbroken Apple TV2 device. All went well, but I’m not able to setup the scraper for IMDB to get video information for Icefilms and TV’s addons.

The problem is I don’t know the location on the Apple TV2 device where I need to setup the location of the video, TV files library in set content to use various scraper.

I could not find the files location using SSH or using the search in XBMC. I read some where online I needed to setup the file directory before installing any of the addons, but that solution is only if I was using a PC with XBMC.

I’ve swiped out the Apple TV 2 device by reinstalling Seas0npass again to start over. I’ve installed XBMC again by using the install software in NitoTV which I’ve installed again on the Apple TV2 device.

Can anyone help me setup the video directory correctly so the scrapers can find the video library to show in selecting movies in Icefilms?

Thank you.

I do not think the drive on the ATVII is large enough to hold much, you might be better off storing somewhere else. Might also find info in the iOS thread.
You can't add content from add-ons to the library because XBMC can't be sure of the URL to access the content.

jhsrennie Wrote:You can't add content from add-ons to the library because XBMC can't be sure of the URL to access the content.


Okay, but when viewing video choices from Icefilms, how can I have XBMC to display information about the movie's Actors, runtime, discription, fanart, etc?
It's something the add-on has to support.
IceFilms supports different media views. If you get to the movie list in IceFilms and press the left arrow on the ATV2 remote, you can change your view from the default "List" to something like "Media Info" or "Media Info 2". There may be other choices depending on which skin you are using, but I believe these two choices are present in most skins. Once you arrow left, make sure "View" is highlighted, then press the select button on the ATV2 remote to cycle through the various available views.

In my experience, this is not a persistent setting, as I have to change this every time I use IceFilms (or Hulu or FreeCable or Amazon).

Hope that helps!