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Full Version: "Custom" video mode issue with Eden Beta1
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I just upgraded my main HTPC to Eden Beta1 & so far am loving it, with one niggling little glitch

I have a custom default pixel ratio of 1.35 in my guisettings.xml for the default video settings.


This works exactly as expected when starting a video for the fist time...


If I change the video mode from "custom" I can never get back to a properly functioning "custom" mode (as worked in Dharma). What does happen is that the "Custom" label shows, but the previously selected video mode is still the one in operation. This behavior is the same if I use the select button on my android remote to change video modes or if I go into the video menu & change it there.

So far the only way I have to change back to 1.35 is to manually change the pixel ratio for the specific video.

I'm using Ubuntu LTS (10.04) and the pre-release PPAs, if I can provide more information I'm glad to do it. I've also duplicated this issue on my ATV2 with Eden Beta1.

I figure most people wouldn't care, but I have both 4:3 and 16:9 displays connected to my HTPC and I use this feature to select the proper aspect ratio depending on which TV is in use.