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Full Version: Server, MySQL DB and folder structure
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I have some question its more like what is the best solution so that I can look the steps up.

I want a HTPC that can also act as a Server for other XBMC clients so I have 1 database for every client in the house.
Any problems with the DB on the same machine as XBMC?

Can I export the MySQL DB without problems if I get a Server only machine later?

Then what is the best folder structure for Movies?
Most of them are .avi/.mkv and right now I have them in big folders (100 files each).
Should I put them in separate folders to save the meta files?

If yes what is the best tool to do it? (EMM?)

My TV show structure is TVshows/Title/Season (no folder for each episode) that should be ok.
Set up your library so that everything uses a network share (if you haven't already) so that it's just how you want it, then follow this:

HOW-TO:Synchronize multiple XBMC libraries

It's still a work in progress, but that how-to should get you started or at least give you an idea of what's involved.

If your existing folder structure works locally then it should have no issues with the MySQL setup. MySQL is basically taking your local SQLite DB and making it sharable to all machines, while at the same time making sure that there are no conflicts when two machines write to the DB at the same time. From the perspective of XBMC, it's as if it still has a local library.

Some people like keeping meta files with their media files, but it's not required. There's a section that shows how to share the fanart and thumbnail files, so you don't have to redownload all of that or embed the images along side the media files.
Thanks, already read that.
Right now I have about 700 movies in my local DB but I thought about rescraping them and then I could change the folder structure.

I had them all in 1 folder before but it was a bit too much for windows when I opened the folder.
I am just not sure if its better to store the files with the movies.
Maybe its easier when I use sth like Ember to get the infos?