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Full Version: [RELEASE] Digitally Imported XBMC plugin 1.0 - electronic music
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gibxxi Wrote:Had one issue with the plugin crashing XBMC Eden Beta-3 when I entered incorrect details (been a while since I had to login to DI). Other than that, working fine.

Would it be possible to display some kind of status message on screen telling the user that login was successful / unsuccessful when running the plugin and display the currently set bitrate (if a premium user)?

If I remember correctly, the plugin shows a dialogbox if no streams was found, when you've entered wrong information.

I actually worked a bit on the plugin yesterday under Eden Beta 3, I'll see if I can "break" it tonight Wink
Hey, the plugin dont work for me in XBMC Version 11, here is the Log: http://pastebin.com/QJNv1y8E
Hey lordfiSh

Just installed and tested with the just released XBMC 11 - Eden, and it workes fine with it (here at least).
Did you try playing other channels?

I saw the log, and the line saying (corrupt start of mp3?) - this occurs sometimes at DIs servers, that they start spewing out corrupted streams.
WinAmp seems to handle these corrupt streams and play them anyway, but at work where I use Audacious to listen to DI, I can't listen to them either when they become corrupt.

I've had success writing DI support asking them to look into it, and they wrote me back when they restarted the server - resulting in it working again, but it seems to be a returning problem.

Theres two things you can do as I see it:
1. Go to the plugin settings, and set it to reset the cache
2. If 1. dosn't fix it, ask them to look into it, and listen to another channel meanwhile

Sorry I couldn't give you better answers Undecided
Works fine now, thanks
Nice add-on loving it very much so thanks to all those involved.
lordfiSh: Good to hear Smile
AMIGAKI1980: Glad you like it Smile
Maybe some XBMC repo material Wink
Just send a repo request if you think it's ready
Martijn: My intention is definitely to add it to the official repo, I might get around to doing it this weekend - and thanks for thinking my plugin belongs in the repo Smile

On another note (I see that your from the XBMC team), I'd like to add AAC support to my plugin for version 1.1.0, but when I play an AAC stream (through my plugin) it opens in the decoder that plays MP3s (log says corrupt mp3), instead of the DVDplayer - can you enlighten as to how I can do one of these things?:
1. Set the mimetype properly, so the DVDplayer is invoked automagically?
2. Set the "default" player to be the DVDplayer in my code?
perhaps this might help
http://paste.ubuntu.com/903950/ (see The Trailers download.py for the rest of the code)

Have not yet really worked out hat that does function. If it doesn't work post your question the dev forum and there's bound to be some one who knows Smile

i've tried to use this plugin, but it doesnt really work on my htpc with xbmc eden 11.0

it always says that i have to check my internet connection?

all the other plugins (for example the scrapers) work well with my internet connection.

icalli: Sorry, didn't see your message till now - for some reason I wasn't notified via email.
I don't know why your getting that error - the only fault I know of with the current version of the plugin is, that 128k streams does NOT work anymore as apparently it has been phased out by DI

I'm working on a new version, hoping to have it finished very soon - I "just" need to find out how to tell it (XBMC) to play AAC streams.

I've made the following improvements that will be available in the next version:
- Auto download of channelart (only first time) and it will "automagically" download channel icons for new channels when/if they appear (used to supply channel icons in the package)
- Rearranged the addons settings into tabs: General and Premium

To do before release:
- Support/switch to AAC streams instead of MP3
- Commit to Github so the plugin can be added to the offical XBMC repository - I think when this is done, the plugin should autoupdate for everyone using the current manually installed version
Would this work with Sky.fm as well? A Sky premium account gives you access to DI so I was wondering if the plugin might work.
Have you changed the mime type for the AAC stream? All I had to do to play public AAC streams was to change the regexp to:
playlist_re        = re.compile('<a href="(http://listen.di.fm/public2/[\w\d-]+\.pls)">40k Dialup', re.I)

and to change the mime type to audio/aac:
li.setProperty("mimetype", 'audio/aac')

This works for me, but there are other changes needed to make AAC streaming nicely integrated into the plugin that perhaps you already made. Smile
Great plugin bitcrusher01 - thanks! This one's a keeper... Smile
Awesome job mate! Just upgraded to premium. Love it.
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