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Full Version: Blu-ray folder subtitle
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I rip my blu-rays with dvdFab and usually keep the English subtitle.
I rip to blu-ray folder structure and play them in the native xbmc player.
The subtitles are playing by default for whatever reason and I cant select the subtitle button on the OSD.

Any suggestions on how to turn them off?
Did anyone provide an answer for this? Noobie here, and I have been ripping my DVD library with DVDFab getting great results. Except for the subtitles; every movie has the subtitles on by default. I have to go into the DVD menu and manually turn them off.
Is there a way to turn them off for the entire library? Up to 50 some movies now and would appreciate not having to start each one to fix this.


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Under the audio settings on the OSD have you disabled "enable subtitles" and than selected "set as default"?