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Full Version: [REQUEST] TuneIn Radio Plugin?
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Now that Kodi v21 Release Candidate 1 has been released, I'm starting to customise my addons. I'm trying to finalise Tunein2017 by the end of this week.
(2024-04-07, 23:18)Ghost78 Wrote: [ -> ]Stations play on phone but don’t play on add on also I can’t save and delete favorites I’m on newest version and on Kodi 21
I cannot reproduce the two problems with Kodi 21 Omega (21.0-RC1 on LibreELEC). Here the stations are playable and favourites can be created, moved and removed. Can you please name some stations that don't work for you?
Hot 104.1
93.3 | Q93
105.1 | Power
107.9 | Hot 107.9
100.3 | the beat
101.9 |mix 101.9
99.7 | 99jams
101.1 | 101.1 the wiz

they all say unsupported they all play on phone but not on the app and and they also don’t save to favorites unless I save them on the phone I got the newest version and I’m on Kodi 21 stable version
Crazy they play in recents but don’t play right in favorites smh
(2024-04-10, 01:40)Ghost78 Wrote: [ -> ]Crazy they play in recents but don’t play right in favorites smh
Yes, the same here.
Thanks for the stations. There seems to be a change in Tunein that makes new favourites created by the addon incompatible. I'm trying to find the reason..
I’m just waiting on the update great job !! one more request when u have a incompatible steam u gotta go to so many steps to get to the stream is there anyway to make it a little quicker to get to the streams just a suggestion
Update V1.7.5

A. Handling of incompatible stations (see pic):
Tunein unfortunately marks certain stations as incompatible. These are
1. stations that are streamed via the Securenet Systems platform (see pic)
2. stations that stream in ogg audio format (e.g. 107.4 | Bermuda Funk).
The update allows the streams and favorites to be used despite the marking.
The option "Station not supported? Start new search" has become obsolete and is no longer available.

Unfortunately, in some cases Tunein uses an additional pop-up player that cannot be used by the add-on. An example of this is the station Hot 107.9 (379.5K favorites) with the audio hint "..this is a text page".

B. New option "start first stream of a station directly" (default: OFF):
When this option is selected, the buttons for stream selection, recording and favorites are omitted.

@Ghost78: it should be possible for you now to use the Hot 104.1 and mix 101.9 stations. The other stations you mentioned have problems that cannot be solved by the addon. For example, 99Jams is a non-compatible aac stream that cannot be played on the Tunein web.
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