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Full Version: Is there a current (WORKING) Pandora add-on for XBMC on ATV2?
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I have been trying to find a good music app, Last.fm says I'm out of trial plays (and honestly it wasn't too great... Lol). I just got a Grooveshark add-on but it says my username and password is wrong (I think it may be restricted to payed members) so all I can think about is how to get a Pandora add-on for my new little black box lol. I wish somebody would make an add-on like the "free mp3" apps on iOS and Android, where you can just search any song and play it. (possible?)

Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated!

Nobody knows a Pandora (or any good music) add-on?
I know you didn't use the search but didn't you at least skim the thread names before you post? Pandora's almost at the top of the list..