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Full Version: [RELEASE] Radio Add-on (rad.io, radio.de, radio.fr, radio.pt, radio.es) Music Plugin
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I'm not finding what I'm looking for in these forums so I'm gonna post here and if there is a more appropriate form, please let me know. I have Kodi Nexus running Aeon MQ 9. I am figuring everything out so far wiglth the exception of radio. I found an add-on that has a couple of stations. However there were 3-4 others I wanted to add.
I created strm files. But I'm not even sure I copied the correct data from the inspect elements. If I did, they are not playing back in Kodi. And I see all kinds of posts about iptv and PVR and a lot of info about changing coding in scripts and I'm completely lost as a new person to the radio topic. Can someone please give me some direction? I can tey and run a debug log but I'll have to wait a bit as my video sources are in the middle of updating. If there is anything you can share in advance, please do. Thank you.
Can you give some examples of the stations you're trying to add and URLs that you may be gathering and trying?

This thread is actually for the rad.io addon, which provides a quite large number of stations (via the rad.io website).
If you're speaking more generally about adding radio that's fine, but let me know as I can split it out into its own thread here.
Hi first thank you for this addon which i have used in the past and its been great but now i cannot get it to work on kodi version 20.1 on my computer
Can anybody help me please with the error it says certificate error in the log
I hope i did the log correctly,i posted it here https://paste.kodi.tv/pecowimuca.kodi and it shows the errors with certificate
Thank you for any help i hope i can get the addon to work again
Can anyone help with this please?
I'd like to disassociate "CU LRC Lyrics" from "Radio", every time, when i use "Radio" and forget to deactivate "CU LRC Lyrics" it bugs.
By the same token, could I also disassociate "Artist Slideshow" ?

Is anyone able to help please with getting this to work again on windows or is it time to give up?
Any help would be appreciated as i really miss this addon
Thank you
The log file is here if someone can help  https://paste.kodi.tv/xeqijelozu.kodi
Don't give up!
Working okay on my W10 laptop, screenshots when playing a radio station
Thanks jeffers
Oh man i wish i could figure out whats wrong.I have done several clean installs just to keep trying to see if it will work but same results .It worked on previous version of kodi for me (19) but since i installed 20 i just get a certificate error if i click on any category in the main menu of the addon
I run the same version of kodi on my nvidia shield and the addon works fine on there its just on my windows that it wont work.
I am really hoping someone can help
Actually scrap what i said about working on kodi 19,i just tried a new install of that and same error occurs
The last version it works with on windows is 18.9 its absolutely fine on there but anything past that and i get the certificate error that is in my log
So i either have to go back to 18.9 which i dont want to do or its broken for me now on windows  Sad   unless someone can help
I wouldn't put my house on it but I'm sure it worked for me on 18 and 19 on my W10 laptop.
My previous screens were W10 using Kodi 20.1, Kodi 20.2 is out now as well, try 20.2
To get help I suggest it would help if you posted a screenshot of the error, as well as stating Kodi version, Windows version and Radio addon version.
Also working on W10 Kodi 21
My kodi version is 20.2
Windows version is windows 10 22h2
Radio version is from the kodi repo and it says 3.0.9+matrix.1
The error that pops up if i press any of the menus is the same it just says "Radio Network Error and the log i provided shows the error
@Jeffers24 I Finally got it to work i am so happy !!
The problem is that in the addon settings if the language is set to english then the error occurs.
Change it to a different language e.g German and then the addon works.Change it back to english and it breaks again,so i have left it set as german so it works for me
Could you check this on yours if you get a chance or do you have it working in english in the settings?
I have no clue why this is causing the problem but if anyone that can figure it out can fix it then that would be great
Meanwhile i got my music back yay! Music
Good you got it working.
As you can see in the screenshot we have the same Radio version and mine is set to English.
Weird that yours only works if you set the language to something other than English
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