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Full Version: Not all thumbnails are pulling from themoviedb
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Last weekend I had all of my thumbnails displayed and everything was working great. My thumbnails are stored on a shared drive and I've tested both XBMC devices (Windows 7 computer and ATV2) and they can access the folder fine. If I delete the contents of the shared thumbnail folder my entire library gets updated with automatically generated thumbnails from the file itself. How do I default all of the thumbs to the movie poster? If I right click a file and manually select the 1st remote thumb it's is usually the one that I want. Is there a setting that controls this? I don't understand why it would decide to change the thumbnail for some files. I basically want thumb://Current to replace thumb://Remote0 and to always in the future select Remote0 as the Current thumb.

Attached is my log file, a screenshot showing some movies with movie poster thumbnails and others with self-generated ones (ie The American), and an example of the thumbnail that I actually want to be chosen automatically.

Debug Log File


Does anyone have any ideas?
Well I fixed it by just having XBMC create a new SQL database and then I also created a new thumbnails folder. All I had to do then was set my content types for my various folders then let it scan.
Hi Akevit,

I had the exact same problem since yesterday...

I am still looking for a solution, as I am not keen on recreate a new sql database
Seems like a connected issue:
since today (and since todays update of the IMDB addon), I can't access any remote movie fanart No Using Aeon Nox with Dharma on Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Any suggestions will be appreciated...

If you try to access themoviedb.org via your web browser (and search for a movie), you'll see that your problem is not XBMC related, but an issue with the site itself.
Same thing with the IMDB update for me. It worked till it updated. I hope they fix it soon.
NOTHING to do with IMDb scraper update! Please stop rumouring on that!

See more here: