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Full Version: scraper idea ?
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i got a issue that some of my movies aren't seen in libary mode but i can see them in file mode.
when i go in to file mode right click i'm able to change the media info of the movie then when i do a re-scrape it shows up in my movie libary.

weirdest thing is that the movies are already scraped with mediacentermaster and ember without any issues.

so i was thinking wouldn't it be a idea that when xbmc updates the libary and finds a movie it doesn't know (wrong naming what ever) that you can put in imdb/themoviedb.org/tvdb.org id's.

FYI, our wiki has a search function as well Wink
well all my movies have a .nfo from mediacentermaster,
and also tested it with ember.
but still some movies don't show up in the libary,
only when i goto the file mode i can see all my movies,
and there i need to edit the mediainfo (for example the x-men movies aren't recornized)

all my movies have the foldername of the movie and year,
also renamed by MCM.
in the folders i got blu-ray folder structure
Make sure the "use folder names for lookups" option is enabled in content settings. If its still not working, enable debug logging in system settings, scan for new content via contextmenu and pastebin the resulting xbmc.log.
okay i started up xbmc,
waited 15 minutes and then did a rescan.
the shows do showup in ember but not in my movie libary list
movie.nfo has to be placed in the BDMV folder.
wonder why eden/MCM or the internal scraper puts them in the BDMV/stream.
because that's where they are located.
No idea what 3rd party tools are doing, sorry.
i will report this issue at the forums from MCM and Ember