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Full Version: PM3.HD and PVR build
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I'm running the tsp build of XBMC (https://github.com/tsp/xbmc)

Is there a version of the PM3.HD skin that has a 'Live TV' option on the main screen that can be used with this build of XBMC?
I have absolutely no idea what the difference between that branch and the default opdenkamp is but you can find the latest pm3 for pvr @ my git and build it yourself https://github.com/JezzX/skin.pm3-hd/tree/PVR
Thanks, it seems to work well.

Sorry for bringing back an old thread but will this updated version of PM3.HD be included with the next XBMC release or available via its skins download menu?

Thank you kindly.
It will definitely be a separate download but won't be our for a while though the current git version I posted above should still work fine on it
Glad to hear it. It's definitely my favorite skin.

The library update box doesn't appear however (hide option is disabled in settings). I know it's still in development but I thought I should mention it just in case.