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Full Version: Say thanks to the selfless devs here
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I know it's the support forum, and here's the thread to give some support back.

XBMC is the blood, sweat and tears of a core team plus many skinners, scripters, testers and mentors.

This thread is solely to give some thanks for all those countless, unpaid and seemingly unloved hours, sometimes in the face of criticism and niggling. If we want to give them some props for all their work let's say it loud and proud.

Can we give them an amen? Nod
My Hero's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

- great job guys!
Amen, great job on a great program...
Or better yet a donation to keep the lights on!

I just did and plan to do so annually.
thanks guys, it's post like these that help us ignore the other, ahhh ones.
just wanted to add my thanks as well...XBMC and its addons have made my wife (who loves TV) smile many times, so that's made me happy! You guys do great things.
+1 or like (or whatever the new social catchphrase is these days) Smile

Yep, there is definitely a lot of talent that has made xbmc what it is.
davilla Wrote:thanks guys, it's post like these that help us ignore the other, ahhh ones.

Big Grin Don't doubt it's appreciated Big Grin
Thanks for all you do to give us the best damn media player on the planet!

And this especially goes out to devs such as gnif, who has taken a beating from some because "real life" got in the way of the AudioEngine build. All the time, energy and dedication that the devs, skinners, add-on creators, etc... put into this project is greatly appreciated!

A donation will be on it's way once I get my tax money this year!
yes thanks for giving me a beautiful HTexperience..
Word. Thanks, guys.
Words can't express my graditude for the effort the developers put in... so i plan to become a member+ by May and contribute to the wiki more.

I wish i had the patience and commitment to learn to code and contribute but pharmacology has to come first atm.

Cheers again devs!
Thanks, devs! XBMC is outstanding. Truly amazing! Your work is highly appreciated.
Thx - somehow this made my day which wasn't that cool until now Big Grin. And now i snip and all bugs are going away ... *snip*

mhhh smells like smoke here - bet the snip didn't do what it was intended for - snipping is like coding then[tm]. Smile

I would like to thank all the users which are trying to support others tireless to keep some noise off of us.

Yes We Code!
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