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Full Version: Xbmc freezes lock-ups when starting videos
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Dear Xbmc community,

Xbmc crashes often when starting videos.
I use Arch linux and xbmc-git aur package which i think is from 26 december at the moment.

The skin and everything boots up beautifully and library updates are done. I mount my shares through NFSv4 and the same server that exports the nfs shares holds a xbmc database and thumbnails.
The setup works beautifully, however when starting xbmc for the first time the video can fail to play. Sometimes the wheel (that starts to spin when you click play) just keeps spinning forever until i press something on my remote and then it freezes.

I have uploaded the latest freeze where the pinwheel freezes and noething happens here:

A second variant of the freeze is the most weird, where the video is started (i hear sound). But i haven't left the menu. When i press clear on my remote (which is the back to video key i guess) xbmc freezes and nothing happens.

I took a look at the end of the log i just posted and i see only that job control threads are dieing but no errors whatsoever.

My hardware consists of a trusty ASrock 330 Ion which uses vdpau.
Nivida drivers are the very latest (29* something) updated a week or 2 ago from the arch linux AUR's.

So anyone have any ideas?

Sorry I cannot report a solution but I have an identical problem.

This is the latest crash report. http://pastebin.com/WBTzgvpE

Let me know if you figured out what the issue is. Thanks in advance.
I am getting this exact same issue on my Acer Revo
same here, for the system specs see my sig .. seems to be a NVidia related problem ??

Never had the issue with XBMC 10 though.
same thing happens here too.
I have this issue on both my rigs. Happens more with the Revo. Seems to be a big issue with 11.0
(2012-04-07, 17:19)ukbootlegs Wrote: [ -> ]Never had the issue with XBMC 10 though.

I agree, and I'm also using Acer Revo (3600)

Can someone here post a dummies guide to downgrade video driver to same used in XBMC Live 10 so we can c if that's the problem?

One thing that come to my mind is that in the release candidate, XBMC crash about the same number of times, but now it just freeze. Maybe the crash and restart was better?

I'm using XBMCbunto, have people here the same experience when installing XBMC repository on top of other Linux flavors?

I am also using XBMCUbuntu and really regret upgrading to Eden now.

I don't have the time to downgrade this weekend, so looks like a task for next week.
I'm having the issues with fresh install of 11.0 xbmcbuntu.
Please post more debug logs. Might be a single problem or different ones. First step is to find a common pattern.
I ended up downgrading to XBMC Live 10.1 and all is fine again.

Sorry, I can't post logs.
I am getting this dark feeling I am experiencing the same odd problem. However, there are some differences in my experience so my apologies if I am actually just cluttering this thread.

What I have noticed is that whenever I am playing a Youtube movie, one or two go fine.. then the third or fourth appears to lock up the system. That's what I thought at first anyway. What happens is that the video seems to get buffered but it appears that the video disappears behind everything else. Can't really describe it any better. The timer starts playing and keeps playing. I have kept it running once and for a 50 second video the timer ran well past the 3 minutes. When I press the x (or stop) button during this "hidden playback", or whatever you want to call it, locks up XBMC. The RSS feed freezes and nothing responds. The Android App can not communicate with XBMC anymore, a web interface is unreachable. The system is however up and running. I can SSH to the system (lazy ain't I? Smile) and reboot the system but XBMC is as silent as the movie.

Now, at first I though I would have to check the YouTube addon makers for support, but when it also happened with "The Trailer" addon and also when serving a video I recorded with my phone through DLNA to XBMC, after a couple of videos from The Trailer or from my phone, the above seemed to happen. So I can't really pinpoint it to one plugin. I have not have it happen to me during a movie I must admit.

But then today I heard all of a sudden audio playing and saw the timer running. When I pressed on the | button, to go to window mode (I am running standalone) all of a sudden I see the video playing windowed mode. Pressing it again took me to full screen mode and I was able to stop the music video without a total lock up.

I would post a log but which plugin to set to debug? It is not really an addon thing, is it? Would I need to set XBMC itself to debug? Where do I do this?

Hope someone can help, and in turn that I can help others with similar problems.

System info:
Acer X3400 system
LG 42PT350 television
XBMC Eden from the official stable PPA (not from Ubuntu's or Debians own repositories)
Ubuntu 11.10
Here is the link to my most recent run-in with the problem. I have narrowed it down to: after a couple succesfull playbacks (video streams) the video does not come forward, the audio plays for a second or so and then all of a sudden dies (my receiver looses HDMI audio) but the timer/counter still plays. XBMC is then still responsive and I can go where I want up until I press X to stop the movie. When I don't press X but | instead, I get a windowed video and audio is restored. Pressing | again to go back to full screen, the video plays on with audio and then I can succesfully stop playback bu pressing X without crashing the system.

The link to the log where I pressed X instead of | is this: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=1396
If someone needs a log of when I press | to recover the system, let me know.

FYI: I went into System>Settings>System and turned on debugging. I suspect this is system wide debugging? Hope that helped.
(2012-04-10, 21:48)alexvanniel Wrote: [ -> ].. the video does not come forward, the audio plays for a second or so and then all of a sudden dies (my receiver looses HDMI audio) but the timer/counter still plays. XBMC is then still responsive and I can go where I want up until I press X to stop the movie.

you described exactly the behavior of XBMC here ! After a freeze I do a login via TTY console, kill the xbmc process, start xbmc again and can play the video without problems .. it's unfortunately not directly repeatable, means it happens often but not always with the same videos; I'll check my logs ..


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