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Full Version: XBMC newbie settings
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Hi guys,

I have just purchased a Zbox nano and i went into settings/video and checked the "allow hardware acceleration" box but i have noticed the picture is still no where near as good as my main pc using the exact same display unit.

i am playing HD MKV videos. Is there anything else i can do settings wise or do i need a better spec? what would you recommend?
What's wrong with the picture, jitter, colour?
enabled DXVA2 acceleration in System-> Settings -> Video -> Playback ?
yes the hardware acceleration i believe is the DXVA2.

The seen was kind of skipping on and off constanly until i activated hardware acceleration but that seems to have stopped.
Against my other pc the colours seem forced and not as natural (using an avatar rip to compare)

and characters in the distance can look almost monotone like their face is robotic and made of panels. (hope that made sence)

EDIT: my wife feels the zbox is "more dotty" she thinks the picture seems comprised of dots