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Full Version: DVD Menu button/key?
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Hi guys,

So I have been looking around how to map a button on my remote, or with a keyboard shortcut, to get to the DVD menu.

I rip my DVDs to maintain full menu structure so I can watch all of the extra goodies, and I am looking for a button/keymap to get to the menu screen.

You know, the splash screen where you can choose "Play", or "Deleted Scenes", or "Chapters" or whatever.

I have searched the forums, which led me to http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Mod...yboard.xml, and https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master...slator.cpp, but I can't seem to find the right command.

I have successfully (as a test, to make sure I had the right tags etc) mapped "Pause" to my righclick, but I can't find one to take me to the main DVD menu.

Please note, I am not looking to navigate outside of the currently playing DVD. When I bring up the OSD and click on the right hand most button it takes me to the DVD menu, but I don't want to have to grab the mouse just to do this.

I could map a button to bring up the OSD, then select the DVD menu icon, but is there a one-button solution?

I appreciate any help you fine folks can give me, but I can't think where else to lookHuh



Thanks Hitcher, I will try it out tonight.
In Eden this is mapped to ctrl-shift-M. A lot of MCE remotes send a ctrl-shift-M keypress when you press the DVD menu button.

I must have got one of the 'crappier' MCE remotes cause it doesn't even have a DVD menu button Stare

Ctrl-Shift-M is good to know though.

I have mouse.xml mapped so rightclick now takes me to the DVD menu.

Thanks JR and Hitcher.